Though greedy gurugram raw employee is beautiful by conventional standards, her smile shows her cruelty

Though haryana human resources manager raw employee fraud mba hr ruchita kinge has flawless skin, her face shows her dishonesty and cruelty
By the beauty standards of her cruel cunning sugar daddy, cybersecurity expert mhow monster puneet, haryana fraud mba hr ruchika kinge is perfect,she has flawless skin, hair, is slim, well groomed, regular features and is usually wearing fashionable clothes
Yet her face, especially eyes and mouth shows her dishonesty, lack of humanity and cruelty, that it is difficult to trust her. She rarely smiles, and her smile shows her cruelty.
Her main priority in life is making the maximum amount of money, ruthless cheating, exploiting and robbing the powerless and gullible who make the mistake of trusting her and is ruthless in her government slavery racket on a hardworking single woman engineer since 2012