Making fake promises, expectations adversely affect the mental health, appearance and cause stress, preferred torture technique


Before 2010, the domain investor did not have any great expectations, she only wanted to make a profit, and lead a stress free life
She did not realize that was targetted by very cunning fraudsters, who spread false rumors that she was being considered for some post or important work. Then after being denied privacy, closely monitored after some time she would be indirectly informed, that the company did not find her suitable, only to destroy her self esteem that she was not good enough.
Now the domain investor does not have any expectation, and though she makes very less money, she does not feel disappointed because she is happy with her boring life, her self esteem is not affected
The companies or employers can keep their good looking well connected employees or directors, there are also risks in becoming a director like being arrested according to media report, which the domain investor is not interested in taking